Monday, October 19, 2015

The Haunting

So... Last week, I released my latest single on Audiophile Deep - "A Night At The Opera" - which is a dark track that's ideal for Halloween sets. At the time of this writing, it's still climbing the Traxsource tech house chart, so I'm stoked for that :)

There's a full preview at the bottom of this post and you can pick it up at Traxsource here.

But that's not the sole purpose for this post. In addition to making tracks and designing presets, I've been working on a different approach to sound itself that I hope you'll dig.

The idea is simple: Recreate real-world soundscapes as accurately as possible using synthesis – in this case, Ableton's Operator softsynth – so that the result is a virtual environment that sounds real, but was created entirely in Live.

In keeping with all of this Halloween spookiness, my first work in this medium is called "The Haunting" and it's a two-minute composition inspired by the classic haunted house meme.

Below is a Soundcloud audio preview. I'm also including the entire Ableton project file so people with Live and Operator (or Suite) can check out each sound and explore how it was created. And yes, you can use it in commercial projects - as long as you please credit me and send a courtesy notification. I'm easy that way.

This is completely new territory for me as an artist, so I hope it inspires people to delve deeper into sound design. I definitely have more projects like these and I plan to give them away on this blog as a way to teach producers that there's more you can do with synths besides make them beep.

(And if you appreciate what I'm doing here and want to show some love, please buy "A Night At The Opera" on Traxsource.)

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Download The Haunting [Requires Ableton Live 9.2 and Operator]