Thursday, January 20, 2011

Old-school Automation Shortcut

This trick is really old school, but in many cases it's way more efficient than screwing around endlessly with automation and fx sends.

If you want to echo or verb only certain words of a lead vocal, just duplicate the track, add the desired effects (making the echo or verb 100% wet) and chop out everything you don't want to process. This is - for me - the quickest way to process only specific words and syllables.

Here's how I'm doing it on my remix for the upcoming Winter Kills single "Hot As Hades":

Speaking of... I gotta get back to work.


  1. how do i enroll in one of your classes? I have a lot of experience, i could use some refining of my skillz.

  2. although i use mainly pt9 like morgan. I can learn from ableton tutorials and apply the same principles to my pt9 skillz

  3. I will be in austin around march for 8 weeks.