Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Free Bootleg: Cowbell Matters

One of my first tracks on Different Pieces/Armada was a deep techno groover called "Less Cowbell". Earlier this year, I fluffed it by mating it with the drums from Mark Knight's dub of Faithless' "Music Matters".

This month, I included the "Cowbell Matters" reboot in my May podcast - as well as posting the original Ableton Operator 808 Cowbell preset to my blog as a download.

Makes sense to post the bootleg to my Soundcloud page too, so here it is.


Download "Cowbell Matters" - Francis Preve 2011 Reboot - Prève vs Faithless vs Knight

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  1. I want 'Francis Preve - Do You Believe (bootleg) :(