Monday, July 11, 2011

Free Bootleg: This Back & Forth Rhythm

This month's bootleg is a bit of a departure - and very much a labor of love.

Last month, one of my favorite area DJs, Remington Steele, dropped this track at the Academik Records photoshoot at Austin über-club, Kingdom. I kinda dropped everything and ran to the DJ booth and asked "What is THIS!?!"

"You don't know this? It's called 'This Rhythm' and it's like two years old!", replied Remington.

Well, NO DJ keeps track of everything, right?

I was a huge fan of Filthy Dukes' track "Messages" in 2009 but this gem slipped past my radar, probably because it's the Fred Falke remix that makes the track work for me - and I was only familiar with the original.

I promptly tracked down the remix and started pairing it up with some favorites in my current crate.

After 15 minutes, I chanced upon "Back & Forth feat. Mr. V (Fedde's Future Funk Remix)" by Fedde le Grand and knew I had the makings of a VERY summery little mashup.

It all came together quite quickly and the result is so natural it's hard to figure out which track is which - always a goal for me when whipping up a bootleg.

Hope you dig it as much as I do. Cheers!

Download This Back & Forth Rhythm


  1. Why are you so obssesed with pyramids and eyes?!

  2. Original cover:

  3. illuminati symbolism..