Friday, January 11, 2013

Free Mopho X4 Ableton Instruments

Dave Smith's Mopho X4 made my Beatport News 2012 Top 10 Tech Tools list for good reason. It can sound sweet-as-pie or downright nasty, depending on how you program it.

Since my previous downloads have been a tad on the smooth side, I decided to explore the grungy, filthy aspects of the X4 - resulting in seven Simpler instruments that really show what it can do.

The Mopho X4 instruments in the file are as follows:

Ultra Moopher - Based on one of the factory presets, this one's great for fat chords and leads.

SizzleSquare - Starting with a pair of square wave oscillators, I cranked the resonance on this patch, giving it a lot of fizzzzzz.

Uberswell - I used a really long filter attack and a ton of filter feedback to get this evolving texture.

Dirty Fiver - One oscillator is set to square, the other's set to a sawtooth, then detuned a fifth apart. There's a little bit of sub-oscillator and a touch of filter feedback too.

Vanilla - Here's a pair of detuned saws. Good for pads and progressive stuff.

Bassification - Slightly detuned oscillators with the Curtis filter cutoff lowered for warmth. Useful for subby breakdown drones.

Dabuzz - Another dirty patch with a bit of white noise thrown in for fun.

As with the all of the other Simpler packages on this blog, I left the devices in their default mode, with filtering, LFOs and envelopes off, so you can use them as starting points for your own sounds.

Like the SH-101, there's some quick-n-dirty looping on these patches. Nothing fancy, as I was more focused on creating long waves, so you can turn the loop off  and use the samples in their pure state. 

Here's the Ableton Live file containing the presets.

(compatible with Ableton Live 8.1.5 and higher)

Note 1: If you like any of these sounds and want to keep them for future tracks, just click the little save button in the upper right corner of the Simpler and add it to your library (it will copy the waves too).

Note 2: If you don't use Ableton and just want the C3 samples, you can download the file and fish the waves out of the "Samples" folder, then use them in your DAW or sampler of choice.


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