Sunday, February 27, 2011

This & That #5

MeeBlip Reference Guide

A few weeks back, we investigated the MeeBlip - a hackable desktop digital synth that's more than a little innovative. 

This week, posted a link to the MeeBlip's reference guide, which is not only robo-in-depth, but actually teaches the reader the essentials of subtractive synthesis.

If you're wondering why I'm so jazzed about an inexpensive digital synth, check out the MeeBlip SoundCloud page. The little beast oozes character in ways that most digital synths don't, simply because it's not trying to be an analog emulation. The MeeBlip just uses the same architecture.

Bottom line? I want one.

Expect a six-pack in the coming weeks :)

More tidbits and free stuff after the jump...

Audi has a "sound". WTF or FTW?

Check this video and comment below.

New utility that breaks music down into its components...

There's been a lot of noise in the blog-o-twitter-o-sphere regarding a new app - Hit'n'Mix - that seemingly does the impossible: Allows you to separate mixed audio into individual tracks.

If they've actually accomplished the impossible, this will change the landscape of music production forever

Here's the BBC news feature.

Here's the link to the Hit'n'Mix company website.

We'll be watching this closely...

Free Soundhack Plug-ins (via Synthtopia)

The ever-legendary SoundHack suite of audio plug-ins and tools has been updated.

Synthtopia has the specifics.

Free Magnetic Drums Samplepack (via Synthtopia)

Synthtopia also got the scoop on a new drum samplepack from Sound Design Addicted.

Here's the link to that.

Becoming an indie entrepreneur...

Finally, Sneakmove reposted this on Twitter earlier this week and as I'm in the process of launching my own imprint - Academik Records - it really hit home. Check it out.

Become an indie entrepreneur without spending a lot of cash or quitting your day job.

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