Thursday, March 24, 2011

Download: NI RAZOR Loop Six-pack

Just snagged the Native Instruments' RAZOR Reaktor synth that I blogged about yesterday.

Developed in conjunction with Berlin electronica artist, Errorsmith, this ensemble is targeted at the Dubstep community, but there's a helluva lot more to it than that.

With its über-pretty FFT display of harmonic motion, tons of really unique filters and a couple of beat-synced LFOs, RAZOR makes a deep cut into additive synthesis territory (sorry, couldn't resist the pun).

So, I decided to beat everyone to the punch and drop a RAZOR-edged free loop six-pack on ya, so you can get a taste for yourself.

Tech notes and linkage after the jump...

Tech notes:
- Everything's in the key of C minor-ish.
- All loops are 128 BPM.
- All loops are eight bars long.

Download Native Instruments' RAZOR Six-pack (raw loops)

Download Native Instruments' RAZOR Six-pack in Ableton Live 7.0.18 format


  1. awesome. I wonder if NI has created new algorithms for the basses in razor or if they've just repurposed the ones used in massive. should be very interesting to see what new patches they've come up with!

  2. you always treat us right francis :D

  3. @ Alex - This instrument is built in Reaktor, which is a pretty open environment for programming synths. It uses additive synthesis for its oscillators, whereas Massive uses wavetable-like oscillators. They're totally different beasts :)

    Very nice 6 pack, Francis. I really like the way this synth sounds futuristic, but not so out there that it wont be useable. Gentle Wobbler is my fave :)

  4. @ elstar - oh i see. very interesting. thanks for the info dude.

  5. Your wall is always screaming for me to rest my head on. Thanks again for the update.

  6. Cant wait to start tweaking and see what comes up. Nice piece

  7. DO NOT PURCHASE!!!!!! hundreds and maybe thousands of people have bought this product and HAVE NOT RECEIVED serial numbers for weeks and weeks on end! crappy response from the support team and NOOOOO HELP what so ever!

    you'll waste your money and time


  8. The actual Razor product

  9. Does Razor have sufficient drum kits? I'll I've heard are synths

  10. No drums whatsoever. It is an additive synth.

  11. which preset is the rolling triplets sample?
    if anything can we get a patch?