Sunday, March 27, 2011

This & That #7

One of my all-time favorite periodicals - New Scientist - has posted a very cool video on building your own Sonic Crystal.

What's a Sonic Crystal? Go here.

These are about as cool as it gets. And my birthday's only a week away!!!

Earlier this month, I was asking the guys over at Switched On if anyone had made a decent Roland VP-330 softsynth. Well apparently, someone did - and if it's Windows-only, I'm gonna key their Chevy.

Free shit and more info after the jump...

No one likes Flash, but hey, it's good for some stuff. Like this free online synth that's very good for sound effects and other insanity.

Unlike Flash, almost everyone likes the TAL freeware softsynths - and they've just been updated with new versions for both Mac and Windows, so let's all raise a toast to guys who give away free cool stuff.

Speaking of cool stuff, here's Matrixsynth's Venom review and interview with Taiho Yamada, designer of this remarkable new synth. (I'm mentioned about 3/4 down the page... depending on your font size... alas I digress...)

Finally, with all the completely justified hubbub over Native Instruments' surprise monster hit, RAZOR, here's a YouTube tutorial on making a basic additive synth with Reaktor.


  1. i was so thankful for this vid man. seriously this was the only thing meason skipped in his mod synth class and it was drivin me crazy forever.

  2. Good stuff really enjoy following your blog. Its been really gearing me up to start my productions, along with your Remixers Bible sitting right here next to me. ;)