Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vibelung: Circuitflu - Now available at

Changing things up a bit, Academik's second EP veers into techno territory with the contagious vibe of Circuitflu.

The original mix is a mutant hybrid of minimal techno fused with hints of clever IDM, courtesy of Dallas-based electro/techno DJ, Vibelung (aka Jimmy Freer). With Circuitflu, Freer's approach to minimal blends clever robot voices with pounding 808-style kicks and a synth riff that evokes the Knight Rider theme without reeking of irony or litigation.

Francis Prève's reinterpretation of Circuitflu turns up the boom with his infectious brand of techno, gene-spliced with a strand of DNA from the better strains of electro. Starting with a handclap-heavy dark groove reminiscent of classic Peace Division, Prève's remix builds to a massive peak that bounces and throbs its way into one of Preve's trademark rising leads. The result is a big room monster that's guaranteed to pack summer floors both at peak-time and after-hours.

Here's what some of the world's top DJs are saying about the Circuitflu EP:

"Simple and quirky.. Francis Prève remix for me."
- Blake Jarrell

"Francis' remix does it for me."
- MC Flipside

"Both tracks are great!! Will play both at different times. THANKS!"
- Jan van Lier

"I love this release! Will definitely be supporting both mixes."
- William A

"Cool Francis Mix!"
- Sean Tyas

"Like the energetic Francis Prève mix."
- DJ Ron (

"The Original takes the sounds on a minimal journey whereas the Preve Remix gets your innards rumbling from the kick and bass groove all the while keeping the funk. Solid!"
- Jason Jenkins (

As with all Academik releases, the Circuitflu EP includes individual audio tracks as part of the full album download, so producers and DJs can remix and remake the track according to their own vision.

Check out the Circuitflu EP on Beatport.

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