Friday, January 27, 2012

Where's Francis?!?

Oh god, where do I begin? My last entry was in August 2011, FFS!

Since then, I've decided to focus ALL of my energy on Academik Records. Not that I don't love making and giving away free sounds and tech tidbits, but between music, DJing, running a label, writing for Keyboard Magazine (and soon, a very cool EDM blog you may have heard of ;), and being a college professor, something had to go.

So it's this blog. Don't worry, I've actually been working on a few cool goodies for Live users. That's coming later this spring.

But for now, I'm all about Academik and making killer tracks with heroes, colleagues and protégées. When I take a break, I'll get back to blogging regularly. Promise.

Until then, friend me on Facebook, like Academik on FB, and follow me & the label on Twitter. I assure you, I'm making a LOT of noise in those channels.

Much love and thanks for the support last year.

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